Good morning.

It’s Friday, so some suggestions, by which I’ve been deluged this turbulent week. One respondent merely mentioned “go to hell,” one other accused me of being a toddler trafficker, a 3rd despatched a selfie of his center finger.

I’ll share a number of of the extra articulate ones. A number of CEO Every day readers stay satisfied that the November election was distorted by fraud. 

“The proof is all over if you wish to search for it…voting legal guidelines being change by officers when that’s the purview of solely state legislatures…reversal of tons of of hundreds of votes within the wee hours of the morning…tons of of sworn affidavits of from individuals who witnessed many violations and poll stuffing.”

“It’s a disgrace if you gained’t acknowledge voter fraud when the proof has been clearly offered.  Nothing to see right here people, transfer alongside. Pathetic.”

TD steered that the view the election was riddled with fraud has change into so extensively shared that it must be handled. His suggestion:

“What if Biden created an enormous fee, headed by essentially the most conservative figures possible, to completely consider this?”

Maybe that may assist.  But when folks haven’t been satisfied by Trump’s Legal professional Common, Trump’s Division of Homeland Safety, the election officers of all fifty states and the judges in additional than 60 courts, why would they be satisfied by a fee?

A few respondents additionally questioned why the assault on the Capitol created such media outrage, when the violence that accompanied this summer time’s racial protests didn’t.

“After spending months glossing over, downplaying, and denying considerably extra violent, extra harmful, and extra widespread violence, hastily, we’re presupposed to be upset when extremists on the suitable take a web page out of the identical playbook?”

Then there was this touch upon my notice that many enterprise leaders have been hoping for divided authorities, to mood the proclivities of the Democrats’ progressive wing.

“A few of your readers like me are Democrats who’re relieved that the Senate is within the fingers of the Democrats. I’m so uninterested in the ‘progressive’ concern mongering. Joe Biden is a average. 

And at last this, in response to my rhetorical query about how democracy can survive in a world the place information are up for grabs:

“It survives by leaders beginning to inform the reality about points and occasions. It begins by leaders realizing they’ve been elected to serve the folks and the nation not themselves. It begins by holding these liable for this s–t present accountable. It begins by folks such as you which have a platform and the respect of many many of us compelling leaders ahead away from their self serving attitudes and conduct.”

I’ll finish with that. Glad the week is sort of over. Extra information under. And you’ll want to learn David Z. Morris’ instructive evaluation of what occurred Wednesday here

Alan Murray